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CRM Solutions Leeds West Yorkshire
CRM Training Leeds West Yorkshire

CRM Training

Understanding how to use you selected system effectively and efficiently will help you and your team to introduce a CRM solution successfully. What’s more, by learning about the concepts that surround CRM, you can ensure your business processes are designed for the utmost achievement. Enki Solutions can provide a range of training to suit all needs. From specifically tailored courses through to standard modules, Enki Solutions will ensure your team have the capabilities to deliver CRM in you organisation.

  • Learn how to become a customer focused business
  • Introduce sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Automate your system to save vital time
  • Learn the tricks to maintain a clean and up to date system
  • Bring all users up to a high level of system capability
  • Learn how to develop your system to meet your ongoing needs

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Project Management Leeds West Yorkshire

Project Management

Project Management is often a costly activity in both time and resource and yet is vital to any system introduction or development. Enki Solutions can help reduce this cost by undertaking the management of your internal team and external suppliers

  • Remove unnecessary pressure from internal employees
  • Allow several projects to be undertaken at anyone time
  • Capitalise upon the involvement of Prince II qualified consultants
  • Ensure your projects meet agreed time and cost targets
  • Improve communication between project members, sponsors and the wider organisation

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CRM Software Sourcing Leeds West Yorkshire

Software Sourcing

Choosing the right system to meet your needs can often be a difficult decision to make. There is always the risk that a great sales pitch will not deliver the right results. Whether you are looking for a CRM system, a website or a new piece of technology for a specific business issue, Enki Solutions will help you to ensure the most suitable and successful solution is identified. Where appropriate, Enki will also help you investigate and complete any integration work required to create a seam-free solution

  • Benefit from experienced consultants that understand the software market
  • Increase you technical questioning and understanding of what is on offer
  • Work with Enki consultants to ensure that the applications are fully tested prior to roll-out
  • Understand the impact of new applications of current infrastructure and processes
  • Have confidence in the selected applications and suppliers you have selected

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