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CRM Software Sourcing

As an independent consultancy, Enki Solutions can ensure that the right software package and the right software supplier can be identified to meet your business needs. With experience of several CRM systems, Enki Solutions can assist in the assessment of packages and throughout the supplier selection process. By retaining their independence from software houses, Enki Solutions can provide an honest and transparent assessment of which products would fit your organisation and its processes.

To ensure the correct package is selected the ultimate choice of system is made by the client. This will tend to follow a period of UAT wherein the systems and suppliers are investigated thoroughly.

With a range of CRM systems that cover budgets, infrastructure and key functions, and the possibility of introducing a variety of integration process with existing in-house systems, Enki Solutions will ensure the perfect solutions is found for each organisation. Whether you are a sole trader, or the manager of a large call centre, the appropriate package will be identified.

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