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GoldMine CRM Training

Introductory GoldMine CRM Training

Learn to navigate the program effectively, and understand the basics of Contact and activity management.

Advanced GoldMine CRM Training

Learn to analyse the data in you system and create marketing lists. Run email and mail merges through GoldMine, undertake complex scheduling and learn to use the system reports and analysis tools

System Admin GoldMine CRM Training

Learn how to make simple configuration changes to the system, its layout and content. Gain a full understanding of user management and updating user profiles. Practise importing and exporting data along with mass updates and deletions.

Data Cleansing GoldMine CRM Training

It is essential that, in order to get the most from your database, you ensure that your records are as accurate and clean as possible. In this course you will learn the best practises for keeping GoldMine

Marketing Training GoldMine CRM Training

Learn how you can use GoldMine to help manage your marketing campaigns. From mail-lists, to telemarketing, automated processes and mail merging, this course will take you through all the tools for successful campaign management

Sales Management GoldMine CRM Training

Customer Service Management GoldMine CRM Training


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