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Why We Were Founded

Having spent a number of years supplying set packages to a variety of industries, it became apparent that many companies select to implement CRM systems that failed to meet their specific requirements and even more invest in CRM prior to a full consideration of its impact and positioning in the business.

In a complex market of many software types and a multitude of suppliers, the venture into CRM can be rather daunting. Enki Solutions was formed to help simplify the market for clients and help ensure that essential CRM is introduced successfully across business sectors.

Having undertaken many CRM projects the same mistakes were made by suppliers and customers. Enki Solutions can help you to avoid these mistakes from happening during your project. As a consultancy firm rather than a software-house, our primary aim is to make CRM a success in your organisation and to encourage a long lasting relationship with each of our clients.

What Makes Enki Solutions Unique?

Enki Solutions was founded with the aim to provide businesses across industry sectors with the support they need to implement successful CRM systems and strategies. Providing their customers with guidance from initial project conception through to practical advice in the work environment, Enki Solutions pride themselves on the high level of service and commitment they offer to each of their clients. By ensuring that a strong relationship is established with each individual customer, Enki Solutions guarantees that they assist their clientele to formulate similar bonds with their own client base.

Enki Solutions recognises that the internal structure of each organisation, their current market position and particularly their organisation set up can bear great influence upon the program path to be followed. There may be resistance to change, limitations to resources and certain KPI’s that need to be met. By committing to long term contracts and working as part of the client’s workforce, Enki Solutions guarantees the flexibility and support required to overcome obstacles and ensure project success.

Whilst most competitors are focused upon software sales and quickly completed projects, Enki Solutions focus on the strategy and long term path for CRM success.

Whether you are taking the first steps into CRM, have been pursuing a CRM strategy but have not seen the progress or development you expected or have invested in a CRM system that needs a little reinvention, Enki Solutions can offer you the cost effective and long term support you require.

Why Enki CRM Solutions were founded

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