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Why Work with Enki Solutions?

Through working alongside Enki Solutions, your organisation will benefit from a number of areas.

  • Our experience helps you to avoid the easy to make mistakes
  • Our involvement can reduce the impact of business change projects on your staff
  • We ensure the focus on each project remains high without compromising existing projects and business developments
  • We can offer you focused and high quality support throughout
  • We understand pitfalls and difficulties of CRM projects
  • Vendors have a level of software they have to selll. They are focused on the sale of software and quick implementations
  • We will identify and reduce the risk therefore reducing risk of lost revenue and time
  • Enki Solutions will help you find the right provider, the right system and provide you with long term support

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When it comes to implementing a CRM system or strategy within an organisation, there are a number of mistakes that are commonly made.. By working with Enki Solutions, these pitfalls can be identified and steps to prevent them minimised. That is not to say there will not be challenges along the way, but the guidance of Enki Solutions should ensure the impact and number of mistakes made will be kept to a bare minimum.

Understanding and Preparing for the Impact of change

Implementing a CRM strategy and supporting system can bring a significant impact to part if not all off your organisation. This impact is often not expected or considered during the initial stages of a CRM project. Enki Solutions will ensure time is spent assessing and containing the impact of change felt by your team and the wider organisation. The necessary change management procedures will be introduced and regular project updates will be circulated.

Design Guidance

When looking to implement CRM, the design of a system can often be one of the more difficult areas to get right. With usability, content and capability all to take into account, deigns often become too basic to be able to cope long term, or to complex to even get off the ground. Enki Solutions will spend a significant amount of time considering the clients requirements and potential system design, ensuring that it is not only ideal for now, but can grow with the organisation longer term.

Project Management

Implementing a CRM software package can often present a significant drain on resources for the customer. Although the software supplier is likely to undertake the majority of technical consultancy work during system roll-out, it is essential that a level of project management is undertaken by a representative of the client to ensure project success. In some cases this will extend to a team of individuals that are required to oversee the system installation.

As Prince 2 practitioners, Enki Solutions can help reduce this drain, by taking the role of Project Manager for the client. In addition to the project management skills and time saving this will award the client, Enki Solutions will have a greater understanding of the project detail and how to ensure it reaches the necessary timescales.

Why Work with Enki Solutions Leeds West Yorkshire?

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